Harsh Times

by Cut The Tongue

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released January 18, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered with Dustin Miller in Des Moines, Iowa, December 2016.
Cover art by Jason Horras.



all rights reserved


Cut The Tongue Des Moines, Iowa


Midwest Hardcore

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Track Name: Intro/Prying
I've been stuck at the jaw,
But I've grown to admit my own faults,
There was promise for this life,
But nothing saves me from this side of the knife.

Prying, prayed for peace
I'm prying this hate for myself,
Crying, prayed for release,
Prying, nothing saves me.

Scoured the way to find a balanced paved,
So help me God, I'll never be the same

Guilty you plead,
You hang your head in shame,
Life won't mend,
And the rest is dead

Take my soul, and dim the light that gave hope.
There's no hope.
Track Name: Harsh Times
I hold hate in my mind,
Consumed with harsh times,
It's sucking me dry with ease,
And time won't freeze.

Pick me apart from reality,
Beat to death with buckled knees,
I'm forced back forever,
What's gone is gone.

Harsh times for a tired soul.
You better run.

These harsh times, they lock me away.
Track Name: Aggressor
You're never satisfied with what you've got,
Not man enough to live with it,
It never made much sense to me,
How you could sink so low to this.
Test your might on the ones you love,
With your bare hands,
There's no sympathy,
I hope you fucking rot where you stand.

She's not a dainty flower that you can just lay to waste,
How can you live close to happy, leave behind the mess that you traced.
Don't bother asking for a helping hand, thinking I'll just let this go,
Don't bother begging for a second chance, because you're on your own.

You've got a target on your back,
And my foot in your fucking teeth

You're not so strong with the pride that you fake,
Carry this with you til you bend and you break.
Aggressor, fuck you.
Track Name: Frustration (ft. Ben Ashcraft)
Like a stab in the back, I never noticed,
You drowned it all away,
The trust, the solid bond, wasted,
For your self content.

Just walk on.

You fake your pain, til you got your way,
Took what you wanted, and run the fuck away
Tell me how can you sleep,
With the selfish actions you pulled,
Cause I will never sleep,
Til you get yours.

I hope it eats at you,
I hope you fucking fall,
Cause I won't sleep,
Til you get yours.